Past Years

Housing Trust Fund Investment

With session over, it’s time to say thank you to our legislators for investing in the Housing Trust Fund! The Fund is a capital investment fund that has built, rehabilitated and preserved more than 36,000 healthy and affordable homes across our state. Our state can and must address its budget deficit while maintaining critical support to the most vulnerable in our communities. Our leaders funded the Washington Housing Trust Fund at $67.1 million and invested in future economic growth opportunities.

EHB 2048 Fees to Fund Homelessness Programs

As of March 29, 2012, EHB 2048 was signed into law! This means that an existing $20 fee will be extended for four years and add a new $10 fee to compensate for lost revenue that goes towards critical state and county programs that address homelessness. As the need for these services increases, we are grateful to our legislators for passing this bill and helping to provide revenue sources. It is time to say thank you!